German Shepherd dog receives veterinary treatment from the Farley Foundation, Ontario.

Lexxi needed surgery to remove an infected cyst and treatment for a urinary tract infection. From her owner:

“Lexxi has been by my side since day one. We do everything together. I was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour three years ago and had to quit work because of the physical pain I endure every day. There are days when the pain is unbearable but Lexxi is always by my side. I love to have her there for comfort. She loves to be pet and I love petting her – it takes my mind off the pain for a while.

When I found out Lexxi needed surgery, I was so stressed. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do because I’m on a limited income (the Ontario Disability Support Program).

When my vet called and said she may have a solution, I was so relieved. She said there’s a foundation called the Farley Foundation that was willing to pay for Lexxi’s surgery. I was crying because I was so happy.

Lexxi had her surgery March 21 and she is home and doing well. I am forever thankful to the Farley Foundation for the amazing work they do and for allowing my best friend to have the surgery she needed.”

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