Farley Foundation Pets to Vets campaign

To celebrate helping its 10,000th pet, the Farley Foundation is assisting 1,000 low-income pet owners by providing free veterinary exams for their pets

Earlier this year, the Farley Foundation reached a significant milestone by subsidizing the cost of veterinary care for its 10,000th pet. To celebrate, it’s pledging to help 1,000 more.

The Farley Foundation’s 1,000 Pets to Vets initiative will help 1,000 low-income pet owners in Ontario who are unable to afford basic preventive care for their pets, and therefore have not visited a veterinarian. The foundation will cover the cost of their pet’s first veterinary exam, along with any needed vaccinations.

“Establishing a relationship with a veterinarian is an integral part of preventing illness,” says Dr. Matthew Richardson, president of the Farley Foundation. “By focusing on preventive care with this initiative, we can help pet owners in need by putting their pets on the road to good health.”

To qualify for the Pets to Vets program, pet owners must otherwise be eligible for funding from the Farley Foundation, be without a veterinarian and be a first-time recipient of funding assistance from the foundation. Pet owners meeting these criteria can apply through a local veterinarian.

Since its establishment in 2002 by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, the Farley Foundation has disbursed $4.3 million to assist more than 10,000 pets in need. It helps pet owners in financial need by subsidizing the cost of non-elective veterinary treatments for their sick or injured pets.

“As a veterinarian, every day I see the positive impact that sharing our lives with an animal has on our health and well-being,” says Richardson. “The Farley Foundation helps preserve this bond, which is especially meaningful for people who are facing hardship and rely heavily on their pet for companionship.”

The Pets to Vets initiative is possible due to the fundraising efforts and contributions of veterinarians and veterinary staff across Ontario, generous donations from the public and industry sponsors. Show your support online using #FarleyPetsToVets.

For more information about who we help, visit www.farleyfoundation.org/who-we-help.