How do I get help?

If you belong to one of the groups we help and meet the eligibility criteria, you must speak to your veterinarian about the possibility of applying for Farley Foundation funding. Applications for funding can only be submitted by veterinarians.

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My veterinarian says they can’t help me. Why not?

The Farley Foundation is a charity and relies on the generosity of donors to help pet owners and their pets, and it helps as many pet owners as it can. The foundation limits the amount of funding veterinary hospitals receive each year. It's possible that your veterinarian has exhausted their funding for the year.  

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I don’t have a veterinarian. What should I do?

To be eligible for Farley funding, you must have an existing relationship with a veterinarian. If you don’t have a veterinarian, you may be eligible for our Pets to Vets funding, which helps low-income pet owners establish a relationship with a veterinarian by subsidizing the cost of an initial exam and needed core vaccinations. To [...]

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I qualify for funding, so why won’t you help me?

Pet owners may qualify based on their income, but funding availability goes beyond falling into one of the groups we help. For example, your veterinarian must be an OVMA member, they must have funding still available, the treatment must be eligible, etc. The decision to apply for funding on behalf of eligible pet owners resides [...]

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What is the Pets to Vets program?

One of the Farley Foundation’s funding eligibility criteria is that the pet owner must have an existing veterinary-client-patient-relationship (VCPR) with a veterinary practice. Unfortunately, many low-income pet owners in Ontario lack the financial resources to establish that relationship. So, the foundation established the Pets to Vets program to enable low-income pet owners establish a relationship [...]

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