Donate Shares or Securities

Donating shares or securities is a wonderful way to support a charity of your choice but it can also provide some financial and personal benefits to the donor as well. The potential tax and other benefits will depend on your individual situation; your financial and legal advisors will best be able to explain to you your options and potential outcomes.

Due to the cost of processing securities trades, we respectfully request a minimum Fair Market Value donation of $1,000.

Looking to apply your charitable tax receipt to this year's income tax? We recommend that your securities are transferred no later than mid-December to ensure the transaction is completed by year-end.

Making a "Gift of Securities" to the Farley Foundation is Easy

  1. Download the "Gift of Securities Transfer Authorization Form"
  2. Complete the form (a financial advisor or investment broker will be able to help you with this)
  3. Send the completed form to the Farley Foundation via email ( or fax (1.877.482.5941).
  4. Once we have received your "Gift of Securities Transfer Authorization Form", we will contact you to answer any questions you may have and  provide you with our broker information. We will also provide you with a "Transfer Information Form".
  5. Provide the "Transfer Information Form" to your broker who will complete the transfer.
  6. The Farley Foundation will contact you once again, when your security donation has entered our account.
  7. The Farley Foundation will issue a charitable tax receipt. The value of the receipt is determined by the closing price on the day the Farley Foundation receives shares into its account.

As with any decision affecting your financial well-being, the Farley Foundation suggests that donors consult their legal and financial advisors prior to making any decision. For further information, please call 1.888.262.9811 or write