OVMA Pet Oxygen Mask Program


Pictured: Veterinarians demonstrate the correct use of the oxygen masks which can accommodate a variety of animals from ferrets, rabbits and birds to large domestic dogs.

Presentation to the Norfolk Country Fire & Rescue Services by surrounding area veterinary clinics (Dover Animal Hospital in Port Dover, Queensway Veterinary Hospital, Colborne Veterinary Clinic and Simcoe Animal Hospital in Simcoe, and Big Creek Veterinary Hospital in Delhi) and corporate partner Invisible Fence Brands.The eleven mask kits donated on October 14, 2014 will be distributed to fire stations in the towns of Simcoe, Port Dover, Waterford, Teeterville, Delhi, Courtland, Langton, Port Rowan, St. Williams and Vittoria.

In 2007, OVMA ran a story in Focus magazine about a group of pet owners in the Niagara Region who, after seeing the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, decided to launch a campaign to raise funds and provide pet-appropriate oxygen masks to fire departments.

After the story ran, the Niagara group asked OVMA’s Board of Directors to take a look at the masks and provide a letter of support to help city and fire department officials understand the use of such masks. The OVMA Board of Directors not only agreed to support the Niagara group, but also decided to promote the masks among veterinary clinics as an inexpensive, but wonderful way to support local communities and gain positive community and media feedback.

Invisible Fence Brand has generously offered to supply OVMA members with a mask kit in exchange for a donation to the Farley Foundation... that way everyone wins!

Farley Foundation salutes veterinary clinics across Ontario and Invisible Fence Brand who have participated in this program.

Thanks for bringing the Farley Foundation into the program, OVMA and Invisible Fence Brand!! We are so very proud to play a role in this program which supports even more people and pets across Ontario!