Make a donation in Memory of a Pet or Person

Making a donation to the Farley Foundation in memory of a loved one (person or pet) who has passed away is a wonderful way to pay tribute to his/her life and accomplishments.

In memoriam gifts pay homage to those who have touched us in some way throughout their lives, but these types of gifts can also help that person/pet to continue to play a role in our communities, directly affecting the lives of people in need and their sick/injured pets across Ontario.

When you make your "In memoriam" gift, you will also be given the option to have an e-card sent to a friend/family member notifying them of your gift. Don't have their email address? No problem. In the "Message to the Foundation" section, please let us know that you would like us to send a note by mail. Include your personal message and the full name/address of your intended recipient. 

Ways to Give an "In Memoriam" Gift:

On the Canada Helps web site

Simply click here to make a donation right now.

By phone

Call 1.888.262.9811

Are you hosting a funeral visitation/memorial?

Most funeral homes across Ontario are equipped to help you and your guests make donations to the charity of your choice. When making funeral arrangements, simply inform your service provider that you would like to encourage guests to make donations to the Farley Foundation (Charitable Registration No. 88752 2316 RR 0001). Your funeral home will help you include this message in your written and online obituaries. 

If your funeral home relies on charity donation forms to encourage gifts in memory of loved ones, Farley Foundation would be pleased to send these to the home.

Are you paying your respects at a funeral home? 

Most funeral homes across Ontario are equipped to help you make a donation to the Farley Foundation. As a registered Ontario charity, the Farley Foundation should appear as an option on funeral home tribute gift web sites. You may also make a donation before/after the service on the Canada Helps' web site by clicking here or by calling our office at 1.888.262.9811.

Sample choose a charity selection from a funeral home web site: 

Because of the costs affiliated with sending gift cards/notifications by traditional mail, a minimum $15 donation is requested if you prefer that we send out a card/letter by mail. 

Estate Planning

The passing of a loved one often prompts us to reflect on our lives, our experiences and the things that are important to us. If you're in the process of creating or updating your will, or are engaging in broader estate planning, and would like to consider making a planned gift to the Farley Foundation, please feel free to contact us at for more information about the Farley Foundation and ideas for planned gifts. (Farley Foundation always encourages donors to seek the advice of financial and legal advisors when making financial decisions.)