Buy a Farley Foundation License Plate

Now you can show your support of the Farley Foundation on the road!


In 2007, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) launched personalized license plates featuring the Farley Foundation logo. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each license plate goes to the Farley Foundation. Prices for the plates are set by the Ministry of Transportation and vary depending on your personal needs. License plate options include:

  1. Regular graphic license plate:
    A regular license plate number with the Farley Foundation logo
  2. Personalized graphic license plate:
    A license plate with the Farley Foundation logo, plus your creative license plate number/word
  3. Graphic license plate with a Farley Foundation number:
    A license plate featuring the Farley Foundation logo, plus the letters FF and a designated number

For complete plate options and pricing details, visit the MTO website at or

Pet owner Mike shows off his official Farley Foundation license plate.

You can order your license plates through: