Stories From People and Pets

Since 2001, the Farley Foundation has disbursed more than $3 million to provide emergency veterinary care to more than 7,400 pets of seniors and people with disabilities.

Meet Some of Our Funding Recipients

It is with great pride and enormous pleasure to introduce you to some of the people and pets we have been able to assist over the past 13 years.

Thank you! Thanks also to the pet owners who have shared their incredible stories (unedited) and photos:

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the Farley Foundation for the donation the gave to Remi and I. Remi has been diagnosed with Cushings Disease and Diabetes Insipidus. We have been running one blood test after another to try to get these diseases under controll and so far have been unsuccessful. Remi needs these blood test to see how he is reacting to the medications and neither the vet no I felt comfortable giving him this medication with the followup blood work,but I have spent most of my savings, and can not afford to continue to have these tests run. With the grant that the Farley Foundation has given us, it will give us a chance to try to stabilize him and keep him as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Remi is a wonderful dog, smart, obedient, loving, smart, and a real people pleaser. Any adult who has met Remi has fallen in love with him. He is the love of my life and I can't even imagine what I will do without him. That is why I am so appreciative to the Farley Foundation for giving us another try a keeping Remi stable.



Six-year-old Golden Retriever Bella has medical issues that nearly forced residents at Extendicare in Mississauga to give her away.

“Soon after Bella came to us she started having health issues,” says Melanie Niece, Activation Aide at Extendicare in Mississauga. “She was diagnosed with chronic recurring ecoli in the bladder, requiring medication for the rest of her life. We were devastated. Bella’s care comes from Resident Council money which is used for trips and events for our residents. The more we take from it the less the residents have. We thought we were going to have to give her up. This would really crush the residents.

“Dr. Joy Courey from the Animal Care Clinic offered to apply for funding through the Farley Foundation. The clinic does all the work and the Foundation pays for Bella’s medical expenses.”

“We all love Bella,” says long-time resident Margaret. “Everybody smiles when she comes in the TV lounge. She is a very friendly, kind and gentle dog. Bella leads me to my room for one of the treats that I have for her. It’s a wonderful part of my day and I would miss her if I didn’t have her in my life. Whenever we have group programs she always takes part with us.”

“We are eternally grateful for all that the Farley Foundation has done for Bella and Extendicare Mississauga,” says Ms. Niece. “Without them, the seniors we care for would not have the wonderful dog that warms everyone’s hearts.”


Our 11 year old beloved dog Casey, injured his knee very baldly, and needed surgery. My husband is on dissability due to cancer, and our casey has been a constant source of support for him. So now it was our turn to be there for him. Your generous donation towards his surgery made this possible. We thank you all very very much. He is doing great. All our love and thanks,

Tom and Beppy and our Casey (puppy brother Cody also pictured here)


We cannot begin to thank you enough, to those involved with granting the funds to help our beautiful family member Clover . She had, what can only be described as a freak accident on Wed. July 14, 2010, Which happened to be our 37th wedding anniversary . We still have no idea how or at what time during the night, this terrible thing happened to her as she didn't scream out or wake us with any noise. Only when I turned on the kitchen light in the morning, did I see blood Everywhere! Somehow, she had taken off the end of her tail as the Dr. described, "she had de-gloved her tail". We were horrified I'm sure as much as Clover was.

We really had no idea as to what we were going to do, as the cost of the operation she needed was well beyond our means .

As clients of BlueCross Animal Hospital in Sarnia for the last 36+ years, this was really the first time, we didn't know what would become of one of our pets am sure that without the help of Dr. Rappaport and Carolyn at BlueCross , and you, the amazing people at the Farley Foundation , I am convinced the outcome of this horrible incident would have ended on a much sadder note.

I would with the utmost sincerity, like to Thank You, from the bottom of our hearts, for your kindness and generosity. You have made our Family very happy. May God Bless You All.

Larry , Karen , & Jennifer , " Clover " & Finnigan


I want to take time to personally thank you so very much for your financial help to pay for my cat’s veterinary bill. I feel very blessed to have found such a generous foundation designed to help those who would otherwise not be able to provide care for my cat who means the world to me. I am on ODSP as I have major depression. On many days, my pets are my inspiration to keep going. I rely very heavily on them for their unconditional love. Because of your help I am able to continue to have my cat (my best friend) in my life. Thank you so very much.


Hi! My name is Louie. I just wanted to say thanks for helping my owner with her medical bills for me. I know she really appreciates it since she loves me so much and wants me to be healthy. After all, I am her best friend in the world. I thank my lucky dog bones for people like you.

Sincerely, Louie


Thank you so much for your efforts to help people on fixed incomes with unexpected yet important veterinary expenses. My best friend, Amelia and I recently received a generous gift of dental surgery from you. We are both so grateful for your support! Truthfully, Amelia was not too appreciative on the actual day of the surgery but her gratitude was very apparent shortly after we returned home. Being a feline with an extra special fondness for food, and having been deprived of food for almost 24 hours, she headed straight for her food bowl. I measured out her supper and was delighted to hear a few crunches! She hasn’t chewed her food in a long time! And to hear it so soon after surgery, too. Thanks to your generosity my dearest Amelia is no longer in pain. She chews her food regularly and her over-all temperament is one of a much happier kitty. And we are working on achieving daily teeth cleanings. She works on her patience while I work on her teeth.

Amelia means the world to me. I have learned that for me, “Home is where Amelia is."

We will always remember your generosity.

Joe & Amelia


Thank you very much for paying for half of my surgery costs. We appreciate your kindness. I’m home now with my Grammie and the rest of my family and I feel a lot better. Meow for now.

Arcadia, my brothers and sisters and my mommie and my gremmie


I would like to thank you for providing the much-needed veterinary services for my little dog. My dog’s health has already improved greatly since his surgery and I am sure that he thanks you also! It was most generous of you and your caring is most appreciated. Thank you!


I wish to convey my sincere thanks to the members of the Foundation who so generously sponsored my cat’s bladder surgery. Without your financial help I would have lost my best friend, Willie.

Being handicapped and unable to work, I spend a great deal of time with Willie at home. She is family to me and it would have been a great personal loss if I had to have her put down. Words cannot express my gratitude.

I am happy to report that Willie’s recovery was swift and without incident. Prior to her surgery it was quite obvious how uncomfortable she was. I took great delight in watching the transformation back to her old self. Gone is the crying, restlessness and irritability. Willie is, once again, a contented, happy cat.

I will never be able to return your kindness but, hope this letter will demonstrate how important your foundation is to people in similar circumstances.

Thank you once again.

Sue and Willie


Hi, I am Buddy the Rat's mother

I would like to thank you soooo much for your continued support. Buddy is not feeling to well, but my vet is doing the best that she can to help him feel better. Without your help, I don't think that Buddy would still be here. He means so much to me and I want to thank you for all of the great work that you do.

Thanks again so much, Mindy


My name is Mike. I have a 10 year old gold lab mix. My girlfriend Jennifer and I are poor people on a poor mans budget.

My dog Heidi has a large lump on her side and we had asked different vets for help. My disability worker informed me that the Farley Foundation would help me out with vet care for my dog. We made an application and you said that you would help me with $800 i am so great full for that. We brought Heidi into the vet to have the lump removed and found out that she couldn’t have the lumps removed because her kidneys were failing and at that time we had know idea she was sick.

My dog means the world to myself and my girlfriend Jennifer. Heidi has been a very faithful and fun filled dog. My dog is a above average dog she is so smart. And thanks to the people at the Farley Foundation you saved our dogs life. You people are a pure god send too me. I don’t know how to thank you for saving my dog we can’t picture ourselves without her. I would also like to tell you about the service Heidi had received from Dr Rummney and his Angels they treated my dog as if she was my sick child and nursed her back to good health.The service they gave us was top notch we were aloud to call as much as we wanted to find out how she was doing.They put her on I.V for 3 days and flushed her kidneys out.She is doing so far so good.

Thanks to Farley Foundation. My girlfriend Jennifer and myself Mike thank you right from the bottom the sides and the top of our hearts. And Heidi also thanks you. Can you please make sure this email is shared with all of Farley Foundation people. Once again thank you thank you thank you from all 3 of us your the best.

Very very grateful

Mike, Jennifer and Heidi


Christmas Angels

That's what i have named the Farley Foundation. My best friend Rainbow, a 3 year old calico had suddenly started gushing flemy blood and a lot of it, I called the Vet's she had previously seen with a previous owner. They suggested i bring her in which i did and i was completely at loss to how i would pay to have her looked at let alone fix her. I paid for an antibiotic and a visit and she continued to ooze infection. Obviously surgery was inevitable. I thought i would have to have her put to down. There would be no possible way as i am on O.d.s.p.

The vet was wonderful and made a call to the Farley foundation and i submitted my information. Days later I was accepted and Rainbow was scheduled for surgery. They saved my best friend.

They covered the entire cost less then two weeks before Christmas. Merry Christmas it will be. She is doing great and i am grateful for the Farley Foundation. Christmas Angels.



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