Meet Deborah and Spike the seizure alert dog

I have wanted to write this for months but I have been very ill. I am a disabled woman with many health issues and cannot work so I am on Disability for many years now. I raised my son, as a single parent, in this condition and it hasn't been easy. One of my many health problems is epilepsy. I was given the gift 8 years ago, (from my friend who has since passed from breast cancer) of my beautiful Seizure Alert Response Dog, Spike. I could spend much time telling you what he has brought to my life, but suffice to say, he has given me independence that I never would have otherwise. He is my 24/7 companion and has been invaluable to me, especially warning me of my latest seizure in February of this year. He keeps me alive and safe. (There are only two breeds with this gift, the poodle and the llhasa apso. I have the poodle because it is the smartest dog tied every year only with the border collie.)

I was a successful dog trainer for over 20 years and never charged anyone a dime because I do it for the love of the animals. My health no longer permits doing this on a regular basis but I still informally help as many people as I can, giving my time and energy for free. I have fostered many cats and dogs for the Humane Society, had fund raisers for Friends of Abandoned Pets, adopted cats and dogs from both. I have also rescued and rehabilitated miniature dachshunds, the most abused breed on the planet. I've done 7 of those and found them forever homes. All of this, of course, when I was in better health. My love of animals is legendary to everyone who knows me. I have have had as many as six cats and two dogs at one time, all because people brought them to me and they needed homes. I wish I could save them all. And believe it or not, I am allergic to cats and dogs! I take an allergy shot every two weeks of my life. One allergist didn't want me to have any animals as I have asthma and other allergies as well, but I said; That's not going to happen." My last two rescue Siamese just died a couple of years ago and I tried to go without a cat but my house was just not a home so I rescued two kittens that were thrown out of a car.....My sheltie rescue just passed last year at the age of 13. He had a long happy life.

At my last vet appointment, I showed the vet an ominous growth on the top of Spike's head and was worried about cancer. As well, he had many teeth that needed to come out as is common in poodles. Unfortunately, I live on $12,000.00 a year now on disability and $9,000 of that goes to food and a roof over my head. So, I had heard of your foundation and asked if it was a possibility. God has always looked after me and He came through again in your generous gift.

So, I want to give my most humble, and heartfelt thank you for helping me with my Service Dog. It's like God is repaying my kindness and generosity to all those other animals and people I helped over the years, through your kindness and generosity. If I ever won the lotto, this is what I would be doing as well. I've always said that.

May God bless you abundantly for this wonderful work you are doing. I know He will. Again, thank you so very much.

With gratitude and kindest regards,

Deborah Kelly and Spike