Pet Owner: Senior living on the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement

Medical Issue: Ear and skin infection, minor injuries from neglect (rescued dog)

Treatment: Antifungal medication, antibiotics

I rescued him from Toronto Animal Services, back on Friday, December 16, 2011.  I say rescued, because supposedly, the previous owners were moving and were "heartbroken", giving him up. Yeah, right - NOT!  They didn't provide one piece of history. Most people, you'd think, would leave history behind. There is a two page history thingy to fill out, which was never done. He must have been abused and badly so. His actions speak from previous things that must have been done to him. The poor thing! But, he is now with me in a very loving and giving home.  :-)  Yay!

The Vet agreed, that he wasn't in an appropriate home setting and that he was underweight by 2 lbs. and was probably fed very cheap dog food.  He was 12 lbs. when I got him and he is now 14.2 lbs., thanks to me!  He doesn't want him over 14 lbs. though, but is very happy with his progress.  I feel great about this!  It must be the "Jewish" Mommy in me!  Eat, eat and eat some more!  Lol!  He had very dry skin, a doggie cold virus, where he was coughing alot for 10 days, dry stuff on and in his ear and the inflammed and irratated black boo boo mark on his right hind leg, that has been treated, thanks to The Farley Foundation.  :-)  He is originally from Alberta and was given a Rabies shot there and another Rabies shot at the shelter, for some reason or another, which aggravated his skin and area, causing redness and lumps and bumps and then it went to this big black thing, which is now getting better, thanks to the anti-biotics he was on for 3 weeks and this gel that I still put on him, twice daily.  He has been wearing his cone for the most part, until is gets resolved.

We have really bonded with each other and I knew that he was "the one", as soon as he came running out to meet me for the very first time, jumping on me and putting his head down on my leg and waggin his tail so.  He has always been such a happy doggie!

Marla and Peekoo


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