Ara Poochie

Pet Owner: Ontario Disability Support Payment

Medical Issue: Kidney stones

Treatment: Surgery to remove kidney stones, pain and prevention medication

The dog trainer and myself couldn't believe Ara Poochie had Calcium Oxalate bladder stones again, just 6 months after his first surgery for bladder stones. This time we were determined to find out what is causing the stones. But first, the stones needed to be removed. I was on ODSP and used up my credit cards for the first surgery. Where am I to get money? Finally, I came across a veterinarian that is a member of OVMA. I went to see him. He saw the X-ray and took Ara Poochie in ASAP to get surgery to remove the stones. He did a nice job leaving minimal scars.

To figure out what is wrong, I ordered extra tests and talked to Ara Poochie's attending veterinarian many nights when he was not busy. We couldn't find out what was wrong with Ara Poochie. But we found out a treatment plan consisting of medications and special diets that worked. It has been almost 3 years since and there are no signs of any stones.

The Farley Foundation helped saved my Ara Poochie, a Medical Service Dog. Ara Poochie later helped me medically in various ways. Without the help of the Farley Foundation, I am not sure if I would even be alive. 

Rosina & Ara Poochie

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