Pet Owner: ODSP recipient

Medical Issue: Recurring kidney stones

Treatment: surgery, medication, preventative treatment

This is Elmo! The Farley Foundation saved his life!

Elmo had stones blocking his urinary tract. He could not pass urine and when he did it was very little and bloody. Toxins were quickly building up in his system and he was in excruciating pain and getting weak. We could not afford treatment since we are on disability. His vet bill was 1020$. The Farley Foundation covered 1000$ of it! Without the Farley Fund he would be dead right now. Because of the Farley Foundation Elmo was literally snatched from the jaws of death! Because of The Farley Foundation he now has a second chance at life and is snoring very loudly beside me! What an adorable sound! The Farley Foundation is amazing!

Thank you from the bottom of Elmo's, myself and my family's hearts! 

Kassandra & Elmo

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