Pet Owner: Barb

Medical Issue: anterior cruciate ligament tear

Treatment: various including leg brace

An email came in this fall from a Farley funding recipient. We share her story with you here as an illustration of just how very important Farley Foundation's work is, and just how very much it means to our recipients.

Your support helps our community in so many ways -- beyond repairing a beloved pet's leg or helping someone pay a bill.

Barb and Kevin's story is really just one example of the many, many stories we hear each and every single day as we process applications for funding. For some of our recipients, sharing their story is very difficult, perhaps too emotional, perhaps a matter of pride. For others, sharing their story is cathartic.

We are so very proud to play a role in promoting the health and well-being of pets and their human friends. We thank you -- our incredible supporters across Canada -- for making this all possible. Let's make sure we can always help when the need arises. Please make a donation today. To become a monthly donor, please visit our page on

Dear Farley Foundation

Please allow me to begin by telling you how important Kevin is to me.

Recently, my only grandchild passed away and sadly, in her grief my daughter took her own life shortly after. The funerals were expensive and took all my savings. I got Kevin shortly after.

I have been involved with Canine Cruelty Rescue for 30 years. My newest rescue, Kevin had spent four years in a dark basement and had several medical issues that needed to be addressed, including an anterior cruciate ligament tear in his hind leg which would require a very complex and costly surgery which I simply could not afford. Thanks to your kindness and generosity, Guelph Animal Hospital fitted Kevin for a leg brace which has shown to be highly effective for these kinds of wounds. With his new brace, he can begin to heal and enjoy his new life.

Kevin gave me a reason to live. Without him I would have nothing left to live for. Not being able to cover the expenses for his leg was devastating. I thought I might lose him too. The guilt I felt over my daughter's suicide was already too much to deal with. And then to not be able to take care of Kevin's leg! The Farley Foundation is so so important! Because of you, Kevin and I can continue to heal together. I am so grateful for your support that I'm crying as I write this.

I couldn't have done it without your help and I can't say Thank you enough. Your kindness will never be forgotten.

Barb & Kevin