Pet Owner: David and Becky

Medical Issue: broken leg, dislocated shoulder

Treatment: orthopedic surgery to repair fractured right radius and ulna, radiographs, pain medication

Pictured above: Kelly lying on grandma Pixie a few days after stitches were removed.

Dear Farley Foundation,

My boyfriend and I really need to say thank you so very much for your generous help without it I don't know what we would have done.

On August 20th 2014, David was bringing Kelly over to my home to visit her <canine> mother, uncle and grandma when to us the unthinkable happened she jumped from my hands as I was setting her down in the house to see everyone.

Kelly broke her right leg and dislocated her shoulder (my thumb still hurts where she bit me from the pain). The Main West Animal Hospital has been amazing and thanks to you they saved her leg, I don't know what would have happened to Kelly if it wasn't for all of you.

Kelly turns 6 months soon and she is doing wonderful even though we have to keep her on restricted exercise she still tries to run when on her leash and dance for her treats. We will keep you updated on her healing.

Thank you all and god bless.