2016 Summit Veterinary Pharmacy Ride for Farley Participants

On Saturday, September 24, 56 cyclists (& counting) from across the province will participate in the 2016 Summit Veterinary Pharmacy Ride for Farley.

The following cyclists will ride 50, 100 or 160 km to raise funds and awareness for people and pets in need. Thank you to everyone who will be participating in this exciting event!

If you would like to make a donation to one of our cyclists, donate on our web site by clicking "here", or call the Farley Foundation at 1.888.262.9811 and ask to make a donation to the individual's Summit Veterinary Pharmacy Ride for Farley.

Want to join us? No worries. There's still time to participate in this year's event. Write to info@farleyfoundation.org for more information.

50km Riders

  • Anna Bartash
  • Dr. Olenka Batruch - donate directly to Dr. Batruch's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Rebekah Bergin - donate directly to Rebekah's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Dr. Doug Boeckh
  • Evan Boeckh
  • Dr. Rhonda Boulter - donate directly to Dr. Boulter's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Dr. Michelle Cline
  • Dr. Ellie Cowper - donate directly to Dr. Cowper's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Dr. Deanne Croft - donate directly to Dr. Croft's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Anthony De Guzman
  • Dr. Melinda Donohoe - donate directly to Dr. Donohoe's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Kimberly Doucet - donate directly to Kim's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Dr. Kevin Harkness - donate directly to Dr. Harkness' Ride by clicking "here".
  • Cindy Hobbs - donate directly to Cindy's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Dr. Paul Holland - donate directly to Dr. Holland's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Susan Hill
  • Dr. Rob Jones
  • Dr. Matthew MacEwan
  • Dr. Johnathan McTaggart - donate directly to Dr. McTaggart's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Dr. Wayne Murray - donate directly to Dr. Murray''s Ride by clicking "here".
  • Amanda Nunes
  • Dr. Bob Perry - donate directly to Dr. Perry's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Elaine Perry - donate directly to Elaine's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Kelly Reschny - donate directly to Kelly's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Isabella Richmond - donate directly to Isabella's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Dr. David Smith
  • Dr. Nicola Smith
  • Brian Sulpher - donate directly to Brian's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Jessica Thompson - donate directly to Jessica's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Adrianna Wimmers
  • Dr. Albert Wimmers
  • Cheryl Wimmers

100km Riders

  • Dr. Leanne Baehrle - donate directly to Dr. Baehrle's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Dr. Edison Barrientos - donate directly to Dr. Barrientos' Ride by clicking "here".
  • Dr. Glen Blier
  • Dr. Nickey Brown - donate directly to Dr. Brown's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Dr. Whitney Chin - donate directly to Dr. Chin's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Jodi Dobbie
  • Dr. Jim Fairles - donate directly to Dr. Fairles' Ride by clicking "here".
  • Alexandra Gallant - donate directly to Alexandra's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Dr. Robbie Heather
  • Dr. Dave Heaton
  • Dr. Kevin Kieffer
  • Dr. Ginger Louws - donation directly to Dr. Louws Ride by clicking "here".
  • Dr. Brian MacCormick - donate directly to Dr. MacCormick's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Laurie MacIntosh - donate directly to Laurie's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Michael Mansell - donate directly to Michael's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Dr. Marco Mazzocco - donate directly to Dr. Mazzocco's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Dr. Kim Murphy
  • Dr. Leslie Reade - donate directly to Dr. Reade's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Bob Simpson - donate directly to Bob's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Deirdre Stuart - donate directly to Deirdre's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Angela Tiessen - donate directly to Angela's Ride by clicking "here".

160km Riders

  • Dr. Oscar Albarracin - donate directly to Dr. Albarracin's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Dr. Renee Bourque - donate directly to Dr. Bourque's Ride by clicking "here".
  • Darren Osborne
  • Dr. Jason McLeod
  • Michael Scott Orr
  • Dr. Matthew Richardson - donate directly to Dr. Richardson's Ride by clicking "here".

Riding at NOVA in Mattawa, ON

  • Dr. Sherri Rea
  • Dr. Dale Scott - to donate to Dr. Scott's Ride, please contact the Foundation directly info@farleyfoundation.org.
  • Dr. John Tait