The Foundation Thanks Lynn Johnston

Lynn Johnston, artist and cartoonist, is a Canadian icon. She has touched the world with her syndicated comic strip, For Better or For Worse® and the family of characters who reside in the strip, The Pattersons. Appearing in over 2,000 newspapers worldwide, the characters and the situations they find themselves in resonate with the people who follow the strip for its true-to-life and entertaining storylines.

In 2001, Lynn Johnston benevolently loaned one of her most beloved characters, Farley the English Sheep dog, to the Farley Foundation. The name of the Foundation pays homage to Farley, who died in the strip while saving April Patterson from drowning when she fell into a river.

With a huge following around the world, Farley and Lynn Johnston help to promote awareness of the Foundation, making it possible for thousands of low income pet owners to continue the relationship with the pets that mean the world to them.

To learn more about Lynn Johnston and For Better or For Worse®, visit the official web site for the comic strip at

A Message from Lynn Johnston

What's in a Name? For Farley a whole lot of literary references.

Read how Lynn Johnston's English Sheep dog Farley (pictured in the Farley Foundation logo) got his name.