How Your Donation is Used

The Farley Foundation is administered by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, which generously assumes the bulk of the foundationís administrative costs. In addition, the foundation relies on corporate sponsors to fund most of its fundraising activities. This enables the foundation to use the vast majority of donor dollars to fund veterinary care to assist pet owners and pets in need.

The breakdown of foundation expenditures for the most recently completed fiscal year (September 1, 2104 Ė August 31, 2015) is as follows:

Veterinary Care for Pets 68%
Promotion & Fundraising* 14%
Administration 18%
Total 100%

The breakdown of foundation expenditures to-date for the current fiscal year (September 1, 2015 Ė August 12, 2016) is as follows:

Veterinary Care for Pets 78%
Promotion & Fundraising* 12%
Administration 10%
Total 100%

*93% of the foundationís promotion & fundraising costs are recovered from corporate sponsors.

To access the foundationís audited financial statements for the past two years, click on the links below.

2014 Farley Foundation Financial Statements.

2015 Farley Foundation Financial Statements.